Thomas Hellsing


I’m a freelance photographer, born in Gothenburg 1952. My photos are published in periodicals, books, covers and record sleeves.
 I'm preferably working outdoors since I find the natural light more rewarding.

Nowadays I'm exclusively working with digital cameras, processing them in a computer. This gives me an opportunity to arrange and manipulate the photos in a way that wasn't before the time of the computers. Many of my recent photos – or I would rather call them images - are photo montages.

This recent year I’ve been busy working on a film project together with the Swedish composer Rolf Enström. Our intent is to make a series of short films and present them to the public in various ways. Our first film “Signs“ has recently been sold to the Swedish Television Company.



Tel: 08 - 718 23 31
Mobile: 070 - 407 61 64


Photo: Rolf Enström